Main Gallery Feb 18th - March 16th 2011

Curated by Kay de Lautour Scott, this exhibition is a collection of works by New Zealand artists, responding to the themes of war and remembrance.

Kay was inspired by her volunteer work with a museum in Cassino, Italy, where she spent time with returning veterans who needed to talk about the war. "I was a listening ear for them" says Kay, whose father and father-in-law were also returned soldiers, and hearing these new stories emphasised to her the futility of war and the sheer waste of human life.

This exhibition is an effort to remember the damage caused during the war and to continue forth with a message of peace. It is a vehicle for raising consciousness and, for some, may make uncomfortable viewing. Organised to coincide with the 66th anniversary of the famous battle there, the first Legato was held in Cassino and then Roccasecca; it ran for five months, generating much dialogue. "The highlight for me was being able to include German and Italian artists living in New Zealand, representing both their old and new countries in the exhibition" said Kay.

Shortly, (because of her work) Kay will be winging her way to England where she has been invited by both the British and Italians to take part in a torch-lighting ceremony for peace at Westminster Abbey.

Wallace Gallery is incredibly privileged to be the only venue in New Zealand to be hosting Legato this year

excerpts of text from an interview between Kay de Lautour Scott and 'Urban & Country' Feb 23rd edition

this Image Gallery shows a selection of work from the exhibition