Charm School
Jenny Dolezel
Collection: Wallace Paramount Awards

Winner of the 1996 Paramount Award
Charm School
Oil on Canvas
1520 x 1800mm
Collection of the James Wallace Arts Trust

Jenny Dolezel (b. 1964)

Vibrant, uncanny and gripping, Jenny Dolezel’s art has the definition and confidence typical of experienced print makers and painters. Winner of 15 major Art Awards here in New Zealand and around the world, Dolezel’s success can be attributed to her very distinct artistic style. Dolezel builds up lush, textural surfaces that depict mysterious interactions and figures that demand deeper inspection; she ‘explores issues about the complexity of desire and individual identity and about illusion and reality by utilizing the tension between abstraction and figuration.’ (1)

“My investigation of the figurative and the imagined has moved structurally from contained tableaux of the theatrical narratives to the multifaceted surfaces that involve a web of interconnections, overlays and inter-lockings.”(2)


(1) Courtesy of Fishers Fine Arts

(2) Jenny Dolezel, Courtesy of Fishers Fine Arts.

Charm School