Strawberry Butterfly
Beatrice Carlson
Collection: In Bloom

digital print on perspex
1320 x 1320mm

image copyright B. Carlson

My work is dictated by my roots and the different medium I experimented in my life.
I am a French New Media Artist living in New Zealand.

I start working on a computer to experiment a new way of expressing my sensibility. From the last 10 years, I have been refining my “digital work” as a proper painting technique. The gesture is the same, I use a graphic palette with a pen like a brush. My hand moves in a fluid, spontaneous way embracing the space of the screen, my canvas.

Oil Painting…
At “Les Beaux Arts” –Nice France
It gave me an understanding of layers and transparency I use in my digital work.
I have been taking photographs for 20 years. I keep those instant moments as a collector.

It starts always with a photograph that will " tell me a story".
Then, the image will inspire me to work on a direction and I will start painting,
blending with other images to create a story.

I am not a painter, I am not a photographer, I am a Teller.

Monarch Butterfly, New Zealand
Flowers… From one flower I replicate to create a web where a butterfly lies on, bright red , like a strawberry…

To create a Digital Artwork 1320x1320mm, I need to work at 500 dpi resolution and real size. It means I maximize the screen for precision and minimize back to see the result all time long.
It will take around 5 weeks to create an Artwork.

Strawberry Butterfly, 1320x 1320 #4 of a Limited Edition of 5

Strawberry Butterfly