Annual appeal

Photo courtesy of Morrinsville artist: Alan Murphy

Morrinsville Art Gallery Annual appeal

Morrinsville Art Gallery Charitable Trust launches its first Annual Appeal, collecting funds to help run the organisation

Morrinsville Gallery's 2024 Annual Appeal is open from June to July and aims to raise $50,000 from donations and sponsorship. Your donation will help cover operational costs. To keep Morrinsville Gallery going, the Gallery needs to raise $152,000 yearly.  Most of their funding comes from grants, donations, subscriptions, or similar sponsorships, not from fees, visitors' charges, or funding from the central government.

Morrinsville Gallery has launched an urgent appeal for donors and sponsors to continue its work.

All donations are gratefully received, and we celebrate you on the Gallery’s website and e-newsletter, as well as in the Morrinsville News unless you wish to remain anonymous.  Also, supporters are encouraged to use the Morrinsville Art Gallery Charitable Trust bank account:  02-0368-0042073000

As a charitable community trust, we provide a tax-deductible receipt for donations over $5.

The Gallery is in a building that was once the Post Office on Morrinsville's main street. When it was secured for the gallery location in 2009, the building underwent major renovations. Thanks to fundraising and generous community pledges, the Morrinsville Art Gallery Charitable Trust was able to complete the renovation. The Gallery Committee's vision from the project's inception was to create a place of pride and inspiration for the community.

Jane Fergusson, a long-term supporter of the Gallery, knows the special place that it holds in the lives of young people in Morrinsville, "Our school communities exhibit art as part of their school Art Programmes, both Primary and College students see their work displayed in a public gallery. Many young musical performers enjoy sharing their work with appreciative audiences in the Gallery space. Piano, guitar, violin, solo voice and choirs have all enjoyed the thrill of the wonderful acoustics that the Gallery provides. All of this is made possible not only by those exhibiting or performing but also by the massive work done by volunteers daily to make all this happen. It is not to be underestimated the contribution these people make to our community". 

"Our volunteers' generous contribution enables us to continue providing a vibrant community space in the Matamata-Piako district with a focus on art and well-being", said Gina Barreto, director of the Morrinsville Gallery.  "While we celebrate the National Volunteer Week in New Zealand, we recognise the contributions of the Morrinsville Gallery volunteers as they help build relationships, support one another, and strengthen our communities in many ways. To put it into perspective, during the last three years, their work equated to a minimum of $102,000 and it is one of the most precious contributions to our district's business and tourism development”.

Despite the financial challenges, the Morrinsville Gallery family works hard to keep the doors open so that local, national, and international visitors can experience their hospitality, connect with the wonderful people in our district, and view exceptional contemporary New Zealand art from the Arts House Trust. Additionally, the work of local and national artists is displayed in two other spaces: the Community and the Whakaaturanga Galleries. Morrinsville is a vibrant and creative hub for art and culture in the Waikato, and Morrinsville Gallery is immensely proud to be part of it. 


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