Arts House Trust Collection Gallery
8 February - 28 April

Photography from The Arts House Trust Collection

Image: Beth Garey, Nectar/Pollen - Kale

PANZ: Purely Pastel

Whakaaturanga Gallery &
Community Gallery

23 March - 28 April
Opening night: Friday, 22 March, 5PM-7PM

PANZ is succeeding in its aim of raising the awareness of the art-buying public, artists, and galleries of pastel art. A Convention and National Exhibition is held in a different region each year. So far they have been held in Blenheim, Cambridge, Upper Hutt, Mapua, Christchurch, Stratford, Fielding, Dunedin, Tauranga and Auckland.

Image: Eastland Port, Zoe Alford-Pilot


Jenni Taris: Pottery Making For Forty Years

Whakaturaanga Gallery
5 May - 2 June
Opening: Sunday, 5 May 1.00Pm  - 3.00Pm

Jenni Taris works every day in in her own studio, she has her own kilns and equipment, her work comes from my stories and experiences in her life. “I still experience the feeling of Christmas mornings when I open my kilns never know what’s it going to be like, I can plan it out as much as I can some times surprises and wonderful things happen”

Dianne Baker: Focus 

Whakaturaanga Gallery
8 June - 14 July 
Opening: Saturday, 8 June, 11AM - 1PM

“Throughout art history, we see so many paintings of important dignitaries whereas I enjoyed the artists who painted people going about their ordinary lives without formal posing.   I enjoy the challenge of honouring, through paint on canvas, people in their own environment and using their individual skills and knowledge.”  Dianne Baker.

Image: Hammer and Chisel, Dianne Baker


Whakaaturanga Gallery
Opening night: Friday, 16 February 5PM - 7PM
16 February - 17 March

LandEscape explores the different ways that artists in Aotearoa express their relationship and connection to the land – this exhibition explores eight Artists approach to landscape and focuses on artistic identity and the various ways this can be presented.

Image: Tristan Zhang

The Jolly Girls

Community Gallery 
Opening night: Friday, 16 February 5PM - 7PM
16 February - 17 March

The Jolly Girls is a Collaborative exhibition consisting of 6 Fibre and Fabric artists led by Anne Jolly.

Image: Anne Jolly

Hit 'em With their Laser Beams

Arts House Trust Collection Gallery
6 December – 6 February

Hit ‘em with their Laser Beams is a selection of painting and drawing from the Arts Trust Collection.

Image: Bill Hammond, The Young Designers 1989


Community Gallery Official Opening: Friday, 12 January 5PM-7PM 
13 January - 11 February 

"let us all find the peace amongst the chaos just like my paintings" - Sarath/ Freddie Surendran 

Mr Black: Almost Human

Whakaaturanga Gallery

Official Opening: Friday, 12 January 5PM-7PM 
13 January -  11 February 

The Covid pandemic gave us thought to a world without humans, a place where humans once existed. Almost Human plays on this apocalyptic thought, imagining a place where there are tell tale signs that humans were there, but maybe no longer exist.

Helen and Brian's Christmas show

Community Gallery
21 November - 21 December 
Free Entry

Helen and Brian Gibsons annual Christmas show

Morrinsville College Portfolios 2023

Whakaaturnga Gallery
5 December- 21 December

This exhibition showcases the works of Morrinsville College students, featuring piece's from Year 9 - Year 13

Image: year 10 student


The Arts House Trust Collection Gallery
13 September - 2 December 2023
Curators Talk: Saturday 7 October 11AM
Curated by Laura Campbell and Justin Jade Morgan.

Bringing together a diverse selection of artworks from The Arts House Trust, New Zealand’s largest privately held art collection, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover; it may take you on another journey’ aims to lure the viewer beyond the cover of a book to reveal new pictorial narratives.  

Artnexus6: Shapes and Scapes

Whakaaturagna Gallery
7 October - 5 November 
Official Opening: Saturday, 7 October, 11.00AM 

As members of Artnexus we have drawn on 20 years of support and encouragement within the co-operative to showcase works that vary in media, colour, subject and form.  they have exhibited annually from 2001 to 2020 as part of the larger Artnexus co-operative, including at Morrinsville Gallery, ArtsPost Gallery (Hamilton), Sandz Gallery (Hamilton) and Estuary Arts Centre (Orewa).  Some of us have also exhibited in small group or solo exhibitions.

Image: Joy Keates- Rose, Sunday

Morrinsville Intermediate 

Community Gallery
7 October- 5 November 2023

Morrinsville Intermediate students presents 3 series of works in the Community Gallery.

Image: Eva Thompson- Tia

Creative Fibre Waikato Exhibition

Whakaaturanga Gallery
8 November- 3 December
Official opening: Wednesday, 8 November 10.30AM

This exhibition showcases skill & creativity across a diverse range of talents using predominantly natural fibres, both plant and animal.

Liquifying Light

The Arts House Trust Collection Gallery
14 June – 10 September  2023   
Official opening: Sunday 25 June 11am
Curated by Daisy Nicholas

Liquifying Light explores the dynamic relationship between experimental contemporary photography and environmental physics. As an open-ended dialogue featuring contemporary New Zealand artists, this exhibition examines relationships between nature and the various ways of capturing movement and light.
Image: Daisy Nicholas

Dale Gilmore: Really?

Whakaaturanga Gallery
2 September - 1 October 

Official opening: Saturday 2 September 11am

Dale Gilmore is a retired Secondary School art teacher. Starting out originally as a Signwriter but retrained in his thirties when signwriting was starting to enter the digital age.
Gilmore graduated from Wintec with a Media arts Degree and has enjoyed pushing paint around on a surface for a lot of his working life.
he generally works in series to explore ideas. Most of his work deals with the nature of reality, designed to challenge and provoke the viewer into questioning many of the assumptions we take for granted. As a teacher he wanted students to develop critical thinking skills. So too, he wants the viewer to engage with the work with a critical, questioning mindset.

Morrinsville School

Community Gallery 
2 September - 1 October 2023

Works by Morrinsville School surrounding Kaitiaki O Papatūānuku 

Image: Room 11

Vicki Carruthers: The Language of Landscape

Whakaaturanga Gallery
29 July – 27 August

OPENING 11AM 29 July

Abstract and semi-abstract expressions in paint and stone speak of the permanence and transience of landscapes and landforms from the sea and the land.

Jean Horn: Celebrating 100 years in the Waikato

Community Gallery
29 July – 27 August

OPENING 11AM 29 July

Celebrating a life of 100 years shaped by the Waikato.
A selection of artworks that reflect the artist’s perception of landscapes in the Waikato over a lifetime.

Community Matariki Exhibition!

Whakaaturanga Exhibition Gallery
25 June - 23 July 2023

OPENING Sunday 11AM 25 June

We have had a great response to our call for work for the 2023 Matariki exhibition!
Come and visit to see the incredible work from our community.

The Gallery Painting Group

The Entrance Gallery

The Gallery Painting Group was formed in late 2022. This untutored group consists of five local artists who have come together for support and a desire to advance their painting skills. They meet every Friday afternoon at the gallery for a lot of fun and comradeship. The group welcomes other members who are able to regularly attend and are of an intermediate or above level.

Currently the artists are: Judy Flashman, Samantha Derewlany, Rosemary MacKinven, Denise Boreham & Susan Roome

David Street School

Community Gallery
22 June - 23 July 2023

With a school vision asking students to be a community of courageous learners, David Street School presents work within the theme of CHANGE in the Community Gallery over four weeks.


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