Dale Gilmore: Really?

Saturday, Sept 2, 2023 11.00 AM 
Sunday, Oct 1, 2023 3.00 PM

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Dale Gilmore: Really?
2 September - 1 October 

Official opening: Sept 2, 2023 11.00 AM


There are three series represented in this exhibition. The altarpiece paintings represent a different age, They're painted on wooden panels on Gothic and Romanesque shapes to reference that time and that particular worldview. Traditionally there would have been a crucifix or similar on the main panel, but in todays world these have been cast aside and now we have the new gods of consumerism and globalization. These paintings aren't meant to be 'religious' or 'political' but are designed to question, where have we come from?, where are we going?, Are these changes good?, or bad?.

The abstracts play with spatial awareness. They ask questions about how we see objects in space. Just as we see through a trellis in the garden, or a window in the house these abstracts present the idea of looking through to something beyond. But, is the front really the front? Or are we looking at multiple views and the front is really behind what we think is the background? Bit of a conundrum really.

The illustrative work is a bit of fun. In the 1960's He and his brothers  would get children's annuals for Christmas. These like the Altarpiece paintings look back to a different time. Some would say the 'good old days". Think about it!


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