Mr Black:
Almost Human

 Saturday, 13 January 10.00AM

Sunday, 11 February 3.00PM

Official Opening: Friday, 12 January
5.00PM - 7.00PM 

After 20 plus years as a self employed business consultant, Mr Black decided to fully embrace his artistic side and become a poor student, currently completing a degree at Wintec Hamilton in Contemporary Art, so that once he completes his degree he can become a poor starving artist.

He has always had commercial photography and web design as side businesses and thanks to Covid putting stop to travel and work opportunities, he decided to throw caution to the wind and become a full time artist.

“I’ve always wanted to combine my art and photography to give the viewers stories to engage with, to show a different perspective on how we all see the world”. “My mother, my sister, my brothers and a few cousins are artists, some practicing, some just as a hobby, but there is a strong artistic DNA in the blood line and I’m happy to embrace it”.


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