Hit 'Em with Their Laser Beams 

Wednesday, Dec 6, 2023 10.00AM

Thursday, Feb 6, 2024

Hit ‘em with their Laser Beams is a selection of painting and drawing from the Arts Trust Collection. The contemporary works are framed by two senior artists represented, Bill Hammond, and Mark Braunias. Hammond’s The Young Designers (1989) is of an interior setting, painted on two large sheets of antique wallpaper. International influences are apparent in his works from this period – such as 1960s counterculture cartoons and graphics, digital clocks, and video arcade and computer action games. Hammond blurs any suggestion of a painting/drawing binary; painting and drawing are the same practice. Mark Braunias’ work is similar - drawing is an important component of his practice, and he has many sources of inspiration. Braunias taught at Unitec where several of the artists in this exhibition formed their studies


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