Morrinsville Intermediate

Saturday, Oct 7, 2023 11.00AM

Sunday, Nov  5, 2023, 3.00PM

Morrinsville Intermediate presents 3 series of works in the Community Gallery


A poupou is a carved wall panel. It is generally built to represent the spiritual connection between iwi and their ancestors. Each Pou tells a story about the ancestor or associate symbols with the character of the ancestor. The poupou may also be decorated with representations of the tribe's ancestral history, legends and migration stories. Comparisons can be made with early portraits.
Our students have taken a modern interpretation on Pou with vibrant colours and a variety of patterns that have personal meaning.

Pencil sketching

A focus on developing value and texture to show the difference in shades and creative use of details, their aim was to use a range of pencil sketching techniques to show value and texture in artwork, Interpret idea with personal story/mechanical details, show shading/blending show how we are each unique.

Neurographic Art

Neurographic Art was developed by Russian Psychologist Pavel Piscarev in 2014.
It is a drawing technique that captures how our inner being reacts to the outer world. Neurographic Art can be used to transform our fears into something calm and beautiful through the process of thoughtful mark-making. Pavel Piscarev claims that Neurographic Art awakens dormant neuroconnections which can stimulate POSITIVE CHANGE in the mind of the artist.


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