Purely Pastel: PANZ

Opening night: Friday, 22 March 5.00PM

Friday, 22 March, 2024

Sunday, 28 April, 2024

Pastel Artists of New Zealand (Inc) was founded in April 2002 when 30 people attended a meeting in Blenheim called by a local pastel artist Walter Scott, after receiving a favourable response to his letter in an Australasian art magazine. Since then membership has grown to more than 250, encompassing beginners to professionals, and is steadily growing as knowledge of the wonders of pastel spreads. We have General Members plus Artist, Distinguished and Master categories. Several artists have gained international recognition i.e. Tony Allain, Julie Freeman, Julie Grieg, Gavin Chai, Maxine Thompson and Michael Freeman. PANZ aims are to promote pastel art as an art form in its own right and to promote New Zealand pastel artists It is achieving these aims through publicity, workshops, setting up a regional structure, exhibitions and a two monthly full colour newsletter NZ Pastel Artist.


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