Renata Nemeth: connectiON

Community  Gallery
8 - 25 June
Opening: Saturday, 8 June, 11AM - 1PM

Tuesday, 25 June, 2024

Art on Tuesday Event:                                        25 June, 2024, 10.30AM

Renata Nemeth is an award-winning visual artist residing and practising her craft in New Zealand. Her journey into the realm of artistry commenced during her formative years and has flourished ever since.

 Throughout her academic pursuits, Renata developed a deep appreciation for painting and the delicate nuances of colour blending. However, it is her profound admiration for the natural world that serves as her primary inspiration. Renata draws endless beauty and inspiration from nature, which she channels passionately into her artwork.

 Motivated by a desire to evoke a sense of peace and harmony, Renata's artistic pursuits are dedicated to creating an atmosphere of tranquillity for her audience. Her ultimate goal is to forge connections between individuals and the world around them, encouraging them to find beauty even in the smallest aspects of life.


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