Dianne Baker: Focus

Saturday, 8 June 2024 11.00AM -
Sunday, 14 July 2024 3.00PM

Official Opening: Saturday, 8 June, 11.00AM

Art on Tuesday Event:                                        25 June, 2024, 10.30AM

This exhibition features works by Dianne Baker, celebrating people focused on their particular activity.   Covid lockdown was over so that we could return to our individual pursuits.   Dianne observed the joy and relief of people as they were able to work and enjoy life as they knew it.   The works are not formal portraits of individuals.   Instead, she has focused on their connection and focus to their particular activity.   Each painting celebrates all who are engaged and immersed in their own individual or group activity.

A mini-series depicts three paintings showcasing the café staff providing us with food and drinks using their skills and equipment for our delight.   Another group of paintings depicts plumbers, electricians, builders, painters, and a plasterer with their own trade belts and tools, fully immersed in the job at hand.   There is a nod to the farming world with a vet working, and a young person nursing a sick calf.   Sport is featured, where it is a necessity to interact as a group, the focus is fully on the ball.   Leisure, especially outside activities are essential for our wellbeing, as we were far more aware of following lockdown.   A group of paintings explore the individual’s connection to our environment for pleasure.

Dianne is aware and enjoys the fact that each viewer will bring their own experiences and responses to these artworks.   That is an important part of exhibiting.   Although she has used individuals as models, she encourages a broader view by painting them in their environment that depicts the activity as important and the models as representatives of their trade or activity.

“Throughout art history, we see so many paintings of important dignitaries whereas I enjoyed the artists who painted people going about their ordinary lives without formal posing.   I enjoy the challenge of honouring, through paint on canvas, people in their own environment and using their individual skills and knowledge.”  Dianne Baker.


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