Felipe Queriquelli : Before My Eyes Close

Saturday 12 February 2022  11.00am
Sunday 13 March 2022  3.00pm

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Opening Preview 11.00am 12 February 2022

This photographic project grew from Felipe Queriquelli’s desire to investigate the changes in human beings over the last century, particularly changes to the social sphere and axiology (the philosophical study of values). Ideas of the difficulty of communication and the fear of the end were central to both the theoretical development of this body of work, as well as the realisation of Queriquelli’s photographic practice:

“The theoretical bases were substantially supported by the philosophy of devir, based on Deleuze and Guattari. The reading of these two authors was crucial to understanding my photographic practice. After all, I was able to go back to the '80s and revisit the school of Staged Photography, however, placing it in a current terrain, in the midst of my context.”

Developed and made in Whaingaroa Raglan and Kirikiriroa Hamilton, these images depict ‘alive places’ or ‘places in flux’. This body of work expresses the idea that change is constant and always followed by uncertainties.

“The eyes of all characters of this project carry on towards the place of uncertainty. Perhaps coincidently and tragically we are facing an unforgettable moment on Earth [and] uncertainty seems to be the major map on this ocean of changes.”

Queriquelli has worked for many years as a theatre director and actor. He completed a Bachelor of Arts, focussing on scenography, art history, art direction and interpretation techniques. Years later he became involved in the film industry, first as a focus puller, and later in DOP roles for film production. It was through this experience that Queriquelli learned to set up lights and cameras to create atmosphere.

This project was the result of Queriquelli’s completion of the Master of Arts – Photography programme at Wintec (Waikato Institute of Technology).

Images supplied by the artist


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