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Thursday, April 1, 20214:00 PM

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Gallery Foyer exhibition space
6 March - 1 April

Marie Johansen (nee Vickerman) attended Elam School of Fine Arts in Auckland in the 1940s and was part of the Rutland Group. This group, named after the building in Rutland St which housed the original Elam Art School, would meet monthly to appraise each other’s work (which was also reviewed and noted in the art journals of the day). Marie, now in her early nineties, has recently published a collection of children’s poems and illustrations. 

The original watercolour works will be on display in the gallery foyer until April the 1st.

Spring’s a time for golden gleam
Of daffodils beside the stream
When air and earth, all nature brings
The wonderous news on busy wings

Pictured below: ‘Spring’


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