‘Our People, Our Place, Our Connections’

Morrinsville Intermediate Year 7 and 8 students have each focused on one main art project so far this year, along with smaller collaborative activities.

Year 7 Project - ‘Past and Present’ (Acrylic paint, shellac, pastel, sharpie marker)

Year 7 students discussed and explored traditional and contemporary Māori and Pasifika art, breaking down the meanings behind traditional pieces and looking into artists such as Reina Cotter, Buck Nin, Fatu Fau’u and John Pule. They created their own piece of mixed-media art inspired by Kowhaiwhai patterning, Tukutuku panelling, Raranga, Tapa cloth patterning and Tatau. 

One of the skills year 7s were building upon, was brush control and blending of paint. What you may notice is the woven Kowhaiwhai motif has been made up of two paintings which had to be painted in the exact same position to ensure the weaving was accurate - quite a challenge!

Year 8 Project - ‘Our Home’  (Indian ink, dye)

Year 8 students spent time out in nature choosing a variety of objects to use as part of a mark-making activity. We looked at lines and textures within the natural objects and then used them to print and paint from with indian ink. These mark-making sheets were then cut up and collaged to make native birds, fish etc - taking inspiration from our native flora and fauna. It was then time to experiment with dye to make vibrant backgrounds. Leftover mark-making card was used to add detail to the overall piece of work. Students researched New Zealand artists Don Binney and Shane Hansen who have a focus around Aotearoa and environmental issues. Each piece of artwork is unique and vibrant.


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