Bev Kotkin-Smith | Jenny Davis | Sandy Burdon : ‘North and South in our Backyard’

Saturday 30 April 2022 11.00am to
Sunday 29 May 2022 3.00pm

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United by a love of painting, three local artists present work that takes inspiration from the natural environment.

Bev Kotkin-Smith has painted in a variety of media but currently favours watercolour for its crisp look. Bev attended the New Zealand Animation School where she learned life drawing and the process of animation. Although these techniques have now been replaced by modern technology, Bev credits this training for greatly improving her art practice.

As a child, Bev had a vivid imagination and was fascinated with making things. She was lucky enough to have her artistic talent nurtured by several innovative teachers and at 11 years old Bev won the Federation of Rhodesia, N. Rhodesia and Nagaland Young minds Art competition.

Jenny Davis took up painting after retiring to Te Aroha in 2008. Inspired by her mother’s watercolour paintings, Jenny started with watercolour. However, she had a desire to paint in oil and became a skilled in the medium under the tutelage of landscape artist Tony Roche. Jenny has also worked with pastel and acrylic, but watercolour and oil remain her preferred media.

As well as a painter, Jenny is a prolific photographer and many of her paintings depict places she as photographed. In both her photographs and paintings, Jenny strives to capture the essence of our country, whether it be the scenery, birdlife or flowers. Her aim is to create art that brings pleasure to other people.

Sandy Burdon is a mainly self-taught artist working in a variety of media including oil, acrylic, watercolour and pastel. Her work has been exhibited across the world in the UK, USA and Australia. Sandy’s eight works in this exhibition are connected simply by her passion for painting what she loves, capturing Aotearoa’s beauty and working with a range of media.

Originally from the UK, Sandy is now based in Te Aroha. She has taught at Young at Art Pukekohe and has also given adult art lessons, helping her students to achieve their dreams of selling their artwork.


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