Over & Over & Over (again)

Wednesday, June 29 2022 10.00 AM 
Saturday, September 10, 2022   3:00 PM

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Over & Over & Over (again)
29 June – 11 September 2022

Curated by Kiki Hall, Gabriella Lidstone White and Heleana McNaught
Wallace Arts Trust Summer Interns 2022

Have you ever stopped to look closely at the drips of sap from a tree or the delicate folds of a flower petal? How about the anchoring webs of garden roots or climbing forest canopies above? These patterns in nature are layering, aligning, fusing and repeating, drawing us in further and further.

Over & Over & Over (again) gathers works from the Wallace Art Trust Collection and newly
created works by artists Kiki Hall, Gabriella Lidstone White and Heleana McNaught.
This exhibition reflects the simple gifts of nature through painting, ceramics, photography and sculpture. The title references the developing forms - evolving around us, as we gather visual information from our observations. Together, these works showcase the interwoven materiality, linking saturated colour and multidimensionality. A new garden of artworks flourishes with vibrancy and abstraction.

Artist Biographies:

Gabriella Lidstone White is an Auckland based artist known for her use of saturated colour and abstract imagery. Her randomised patterns aim the eye in and invite an inducted sense of form by the viewer. The photographic imagery comes from travel around New Zealand and exploration of the land and nature - she utilises only what she manages to forage or has at hand. Lidstone White's work speaks to traditional female roles within the household and liberating a women’s life force at the heart of the home. 


2020 - Lost In Parsing (The Tuesday Club)

Kiki Hall is a half Japanese, half New Zealander artist who explores the complexities and (conversely) the simplicity of nature, through observation, Minimalism, biology, time, and nostalgia. She seeks out the seemingly mundane intricacies from her surrounding environment and celebrates them in her work. Through sculpture, ceramics, drawing and painting, Hall engages with both Japanese and New Zealand culture, which allows her to incorporate a sense of respect for her subjects and materials,


2019 - Not Under My Roof! (George Fraser Gallery)
2020 - Inflorescence (Comet Project Space) - Art Week
2021 - Yes, And (The Tuesday Club) - Utopian show with Elam Artist collective

Heleana McNaught is an Auckland-based Ngāti Maniapoto artist who works with moving image, printed image, photography, and installation art, exploring the hedonistic relationships between each of these materials. In her work, she explores topics such as sensuality, indulgence, beauty, and disgust. McNaught’s work comes from a desire to see sexuality in an open way. She foregrounds the fluidity of sex and gender in violent images in an active counter-point to damaging misogynistic ideals of beauty. Exploring these topics with humour and honesty, she hopes to create erotic and visceral work that not only challenges people but also asks them to get involved.


2020 - Lost In Parsing (The Tuesday Club)
2021 - Art Swap (The Tuesday Club)
2021 - King College Art Exhibition
2021 - Tūrama (Rogues Gallery)
2022 - City of Colour (Ryder Salon)


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