Image: Taken at our monthly volunteers meeting September 2019

At the Morrinsville Gallery, our volunteers are the heart of the place. They help us run our day-to-day operations, everything from admin, exhibition hangings, shop displays and most of all are wonderful hosts to all our guests. Most of our volunteers have been involved with the gallery for many years and even when they can no longer volunteer, they continue to support us in many ways. Our volunteers are essential to us and the work they do is extremely valued.

Become a volunteer!

Our volunteers are the backbone of the Morrinsville Gallery, and we’d love for more people to join our little family! If you’d love to get involved with your community and spend some time as a custodian of one of the greatest art collections in the country, please pop into the gallery to pick up a volunteer application form or apply below!

Becoming a Morrinsville Gallery volunteer comes with all sorts of perks—including discounts on shop and exhibition items, free entry to special events, training opportunities and the opportunity to mix with all sorts of creatives and working professionals. 

Students—ask us for a reference for your CV. We want to make this opportunity as valuable to you as you are to us.

Please feel out the form below and we will get in touch with you soon!

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