Saturday 12 February 2022  11.30am
Sunday 13 March 2022  3.00pm

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Community Gallery

Opening Saturday 12 February 2022

A self-taught artist of Māori (Te Arawa, Ngati Rangiwewehi) and European (Scottish/English) descent, Bruce Maxwell presents a series of personal narratives in acrylic.

With a focus on the old and new, ancestry, nature and spiritualism, each of the works Bruce presents in this show can be seen as a personal kōrero, as well as an opportunity for the viewer’s own interpretation.

Presented in the gallery, the works face one another to create a new "Kōrerorero" of their own.

Bruce Maxwell was born in Devonport and raised in Whakatane. He lives in Kirikiriroa Hamilton.

Images supplied by the artist


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