Always Different, Always the Same

Saturday, 7 August 2021 10:30 AM 
Sunday, 26 September, 2021   3:00 PM

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Main Gallery
7 August - 29 August 2021

With these paintings Ekaterina explores the concepts of difference and repetition, complexity and chaos and the state of becoming.
Ekaterina’s practice engages with the notion of painting being in flux, undergoing transformation, becoming multiple. Painting here could be considered the material result of metaphysical rhythms, flows and forces. How can painting attempt to capture that which is constantly changing and evolving?

While some of the paintings may be viewed as a reflection of the multiplicity in the world around us, they are also intended to generate their own multiplicity, within their own worlds, through the materiality of the paint.

The focus on sensation is central to Ekaterina’s work. There’s an emphasis on profusion, overabundance and excess in the mark making and paint application. She is interested in achieving a certain complexity and thickness of the picture surface, which encourages the viewer’s eye to continually shift in the painting, searching endlessly for the next movement or displacement. The paintings are intended to work as sensory puzzles and riddles – conundrums that celebrate the sensual and the feminine.

The role of pattern in Ekaterina’s work is related to the investigation of concepts such as order, discord, identity, connectivity. Pattern here is used to build up or disrupt the rhythmicality of a painting.

Colour is not just a tool for achieving intensity and vibrancy. It is a device for rendering the relationship between the physical and the metaphysical, conscious and unconscious, real and illusory.  It serves as a unifying mechanism when developing the choreography of a painting. 

Ekaterina lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand. She has recently completed a Master’s of Fine Arts at Elam School of Fine Arts.

Solo Exhibitions
The Shape Of Dreams – Wallace Gallery Morrinsville Virtual, 2020
Bitter Bliss - The Grey Place, 2019

Selected Group exhibitions
Mother Mother, Lot 23, 2019
Mixology, Comet Project Space, 2019
Wallace Arts Trust Recent Acquisitions, Pah Homestead, 2019
InLookOut, George Fraser, August 2018
Elam Grad Show, November 2018
Elam Professionals Evening, August 2018

The Wallace Arts Trust Collection

Finalist RT Nelson Emerging Artist Award 2019
Winner Gordon Harris MFA Student Award 2018

Ekaterina Dimieva: Always Different


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