A visual and audio experience
by Craig McClure + Jeremy Mayall

Saturday 4 June 2022 11.00am to
Sunday 3 July  2022 3.00pm

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An expression of the fragility of human experience both liberating and hopeful.

Craig McClure
is a contemporary visual artist who has studied and worked in a variety of creative fields. His artistic career in the Waikato has spanned over a decade and has often been in support of other artists. He is a doodler, painter, illustrator, muralist, curator, festival director and project manager. In 2016 McClure’s practice shifted to include installation and collaboration projects including sound design, sculpture, and theatrical lighting.

In his artwork, McClure employs a unique combination of illustration and contemporary painting, often engaging with ethereal symbolism and storytelling. His source materials include identity, science fiction, popular culture, technology, and collective consciousness.

McClure describes his art practice as a daily mediation: “My practice over the last ten years has resulted in my own distinct world, populated by humans and humanoid subjects. These characters interact in an atmospheric space that challenges the viewer with shifts in scale, perspective, and, at times, intense passages of colour.” McLure’s subject matter spans across eras of human history, integrating desert landscapes, architecture, both blue-collar and white-collar dress, and the special effects of science fiction.

Craig McClure was born in Scotland in 1985. He is the Director of Magic Darts Limited, a Creative Company for creating exhibitions, projects and murals. McClure currently works in The Lighthouse, a painting studio space in Kirikiriroa Hamilton. You can find him at www.craigmcclure.com and on Instagram @magic.darts.

Jeremy Mayall is a composer, performer, collaborator and researcher from Kirikiriroa Hamilton. His work is primarily in the fields of music, sound art, installation and multimedia formats, with a focus on the interrelation between sound, time, space, the senses, and the human experience. Mayall has been a finalist in both the Wallace Art Awards and the National Contemporary Art Award.

Mayall completed his PhD studies in Music Composition (cross-genre hybridity creative practice) from The University of Waikato in 2015. At Waikato University he was one of the inaugural Sir Edmund Hillary Scholars and was an inaugural winner of the Hillary Medal in 2006. Mayall was named the Wallace Corporation Creative and Performing Arts Person of the Year in both 2005 and 2011.

Following his doctoral studies, Mayall spent two years as the Mozart Fellow (composer-in-residence) at Otago University. Mayall’s musical work is regularly presented both in New Zealand and internationally, including tours to USA, UK and China, as well as commissions for the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, NZ Trio, WOMAD, and Orchestras Central.

Jeremy Mayall was born in Aotearoa in 1983. In 2020 he was appointed CEO of Creative Waikato – the Regional Arts Development Agency for the Waikato. Previously, Mayall worked as a Research Leader at Wintec School of Media Arts.


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