Tracy & Tim Croucher : Ground - Water

Saturday 19 March 2022  11.00am
Sunday 24 April 2022  3.00pm

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Ground – Water is a selection of recent paintings by Tim and Tracy Croucher. The works create a gentle dialogue around the couple’s experiences of living and travelling in Aotearoa.

Sometimes idyllic, sometimes disquieting in their sensation, together Tim and Tracy’s paintings re-see familiar subjects of pastoral and water scenes. Some paintings invoke the sultry languor of late summer, while in others an invigorating cool light excites an otherwise benign scene.

Light glistens and sumptuous colour illuminates these scenes, sensualising figures and objects. The texture of the works vary from dripping, heavily spread pigment to canvases softened and dulled by scumbling.

Tim and Tracy live and work in Kirikiriroa Hamilton.They have exhibited their paintings in a range of solo and group shows in Aotearoa and overseas since studying painting at the University of Canterbury in the 1980s.
Tim and Tracy have been painting practically back-to-back in the same house for nearly 40 years, though this is only their second exhibition together.

Tim Croucher: Terrace Dream

Tracy Croucher: Grove Swim

Images supplied by the artists


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